Soy Excellence Center
of the Americas
Welcome! Bienvenido! Beinvenu! Through the exchange of ideas, science and on-the-job expertise, we work to build professionals and support their growth within the food and agricultural sectors. The Soy Excellence Center of the Americas helps participants work to advance their careers and also serves as a resource that food and agribusinesses can employ to help develop their talent. LEARN MORE
A Regional Hub The Soy Excellence Center of the Americas is the regional hub for this exchange of knowledge and building of professionals who take pride in what they do — provide the world with a sustainable source of high-quality protein, either in the form of food or as feed for animals. LEARN MORE
Expert Trainers Our trainers come from a network of high-caliber universities and bring the best and the brightest for course participants. LEARN MORE

Upcoming Event

Curso Presencial en Septiembre del Centro de Excelencia de la Soya en la Universidad Zamorano

Estamos muy contentos de poder continuar ofreciendo nuestros cursos presenciales del Centro de Excelencia de la Soya para las Américas en Honduras. Estamos ofreciendo dos cursos seguidos para optimizar el tiempo y viaje de los participantes.

El curso de Manufactura de Alimentos para Animales Nivel Intermedio será ofrecido del 19 al 20 de septiembre. El curso de Avicultura Nivel Intermedio será ofrecido del 21 al 22 de septiembre.

La fecha límite de inscripción es el 19 de agosto del 2022 para así poder tener tiempo de asegurar todos los detalles de viaje. Si tiene alguna duda de si puede participar, por escribanos al correo electrónico: [email protected]

Our Vision

The Soy Excellence Center of the Americas is dedicated to Improve the health and nutrition of local communities in budding markets by building capacity and market potential of businesses in the food and agricultural supply chain.

We will provide professional development training and course curriculum to help individuals advance their careers and take pride in the services they provide and expertise they deliver on the job.

The SEC offers food and agribusiness companies employee trainings and workshops (workforce education) that can help to overcome key inefficiencies, challenges and operational agribusiness hurdles in operations of various sizes across the region. 

With our courses we will share an understanding of the uses and applications of soybeans, which have many demonstrated benefits, to help facilitate the supply of high-quality protein sources.

Curriculum-Based Learning

The curriculum-based training will allow participants to go deeper into the chosen topic and receive a more robust education.

Get Certified

The SEC courses follow a certification process to ensure trainees are ahead in the industry and leave with an accredited certificate.

Expert Trainers

Our course trainers and instructors are industry experts across the agri-food value chain, bringing the best information possible to participants. 

Continuous Learning

Our SEC Alumni network ensures learning continues, even after the certification process is complete.

Hear from US Soy Customers

Our expert trainers come with a variety of different experiences and currently reside at some of the top universities.