Latin America Poultry and Feed Professionals Participated in training in Honduras

The Soy Excellence Center of the Americas continues its mission to host workforce development training to enhance the skillset of the poultry and feed industry which are key customers of the US soybean industry.

The training format offered individual or back-to-back training focused on the basics of poultry nutrition and feed manufacturing. This session we hosted 28 with the poultry training from 8 countries and 33 with the feed manufacturing training from 9 countries.

“We have designed the basic courses to be an intensive couple of days packed with information from industry and academic experts, but also ensure the participants have time to network with their colleagues in the region and learning continues outside the classroom and beyond the in-person experience,” said Carlos Campabadal Teran SEC Americas Center Lead Director.

This training format is beneficial to all the company’s worker levels of understanding, from leadership to mid-management. “The courses were very valuable for us since they were highly concentrated on the teaching and no time was ever wasted in the classroom. I would like to continue learning more with the SEC program,” said Sebastian Taveras, Operations Director at Agrotel in the Dominican Republic. “I would 100% recommend this training to my coworkers. I would like them to open more spaces at these courses so more of my colleagues have the opportunity to participate.”

The coursework the participants received is designed to be relevant and able to be put into practice as soon as they return to their workplace. Additionally, they are learning about the value of US soybeans. Marlene Duran, General Manager of Feed Manufacturing for Productos Toledano in Panama shared, “We are experiencing valuable technical experiences and also learning about other alternatives for feed ingredients. We are seeing the advantages of using soybeans from the US.”

Damaris Lorena Zambrano, Coordinator of Broiler Production e at Distraves SAS in Colombia, learned a variety of technical information during the poultry training course. “It was a great reminder that there are critical factors to keep in mind during poultry production: Water, food, temperature, management, and bird quality; each of them is a different world to deal with and requires special care. The importance of digestible ingredients in the feed is directly translated into the litter’s quality. The lectures  received were very valuable on egg production, breeds, the importance of amino acids in their nutrition, composition and formation of the egg, reproductive anatomy and production cycle.”

Additionally, Lorena Zambrano appreciated the opportunity to network and learn from other colleagues from the region. The out-of-classroom conversations and networking are a bonus to this type of training environment. “There are problems that can be considered lessons learned in other sectors; for example, it was very valuable for me to know about the use of coffee husks as a replacement for beds since in Colombia, we have difficulties make them due to the shortage of rice husks and wood by-products; Thus, as in this case, communication with colleagues will allow the sharing of knowledge and acquired experiences, and will make it easier to find alternative options to the problems that commonly arise.”